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Finest Auto Towing Services in Berkeley, CA

If you need a tow, for whatever kind of vehicle, and are in or around Berkeley your best option is to call on us at Supersonic Towing to do it for you. Our auto towing services in Berkeley are simply the best there is, just like in every other part of our area of coverage. We are highly professional, efficient and reliable, we also offer unbeatable rates. We perform our services with the cooperation of an independently owned and licensed tow truck operators.

Supersonic Towing employs only highly qualified tow techs. At our disposal is a large fleet of top of the line tow trucks equipped with all that’s necessary in order to successfully tackle any towing challenge.

All Types of Towing Services

Supersonic Towing offers Berkeley’s residents, business owners and visitors a full range of auto towing services. There is absolutely no vehicle we cannot tow, this includes not just any make or model car but also all kinds of trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, all-terrain vehicles, mini-busses, etc.

Among our auto towing services in Berkeley are flatbed towing, dolly towing, both local and long-distance towing,  light/medium/heavy duty towing, emergency towing, accident removal, off-road recovery (AKA “winch”) or any other type of towing service you may require.

24/7 Fast Response Tow Truck Services

Our name serves our speedy service well. At Supersonic Towing we pride ourselves in being not only the most professional but also for supplying the fastest auto towing solutions. So far as reliability is concerned, we are true to our word each and every time, this includes fast arrival time we promise and charging exactly according to the highly competitive quotes we give, no hidden costs or any other unpleasant surprises.
Choosing another auto towing service over us is most simply opting to pay more for less. It’s not that your vehicle will not ultimately be towed only that Supersonic Towing can do it faster, better and for a lower price.

Supersonic Towing – Always at Your Service

Supersonic Towing is a non-stop operation, our dispatch is manned 24/7 all year round and we always have a manned tow truck ready to be sent off immediately to any location in the area we cover, Berkeley and its vicinity included.
When in need of auto towing services in Berkeley just give us a call.  With us, you get top class service at hard to beat prices.