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Supersonic Towing in Berkeley, CA

Driving a car may mean you have the ability to go wherever you want, but it also means you are beholden to a large piece of metal that is prone to many hazards. As a car owner, you run a constant risk of having your car fail you for any number of reasons because there are so many intricate parts that have to work together. Whether it’s because a tire went flat, the brakes failed, or the battery died, you may find yourself grounded without good towing service to fall back on. But this doesn’t need to be the case. Instead of keeping only your license and registration with you, also keep the number for Supersonic Towing with you. Here in Berkeley Supersonic Towing is the company you want to call when an emergency or other need for a towing company arises. We provide towing services and roadside assistance around the clock to keep you and your car on the road.

Towing, Roadside Assistance, and Auto Locksmith Services

The most important question customers ask us is, “What kinds of services do you provide?” We provide a wide range of cheap tow truck services, roadside assistance and auto locksmith services here in Berkeley, California. Below is a list of many of the services we provide at Supersonic Towing; you can also call us for more information.

24/7 Licensed & Certified Towing Services

Emergency Roadside Assistance Services

Reliable Auto Locksmith Services

  • Emergency Locksmith Services
  • Car Lockout Solutions
  • Open Trunk Services
  • Car Rekey
  • Broken Ignition Key Extraction
  • Lock Replacement
  • Key Cutting
  • Transponder Key Reprogramming
  • Chip Key Activation
  • And more!

Company Benefits and Policies

When you work with Supersonic Towing, you’re working with a company that’s been proven to provide dedicated and reliable service that is both affordable and fast. Towing is never easier when you don’t have a company that you can count on. Supersonic Towing is a licensed and certified towing company, which means that when you call us, you’ll receive services for towing and roadside assistance that have been verified by a third party. You know you’ll receive service from us that meets industry standards, and we strive to go even above and beyond that. You’ll also see that we are a certified towing company, which means that an additional third party has verified our company as a reputable business that concerns itself with taking care of its customers. We put you first here at SupersSonic Towing, and we’ll strive to give you everything you want and more from our services.

Our policies at Supersonic Towing are focused on you as the customer. Towing is provided 24/7 by our company, meaning that whenever you call, we’re open and ready to take your call. We’ll also guarantee that our nearest technician will be immediately dispatched to you to ensure that you receive the fastest possible service. Our guarantee is that our technician will arrive at your side within minutes of the time you call us, no matter when you call. Knowing that you can call us any time of day or night and still receive our immediate assistance is a welcome benefit for our customers. With us, you can count on honest pricing at competitive rates. For the best in customer service, the best in quality service, and the best in roadside assistance, auto locksmith, and towing services, call us today at (510) 833-7350.