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Motorcycle Towing in Berkeley, CA

Whether you ride a Harley-Davidson or a Suzuki, a Yamaha or a Triumph, when it comes to motorcycle towing you want to know the firm you hire knows more than just a thing or two about towing. At Supersonic Towing we provide first-class motorcycle towing that’s available throughout Berkeley, California, as well as further afield. What’s more, we really know what we’re doing. We perform our services with the cooperation of an independently owned and licensed tow truck operators.

Around-the-clock Motorcycle Towing Specialists

From empty gas tanks and blown tires to off-road accidents and freeway collisions, motorcyclists are just as vulnerable to accidents as car drivers. Few think about what they’d do in an emergency though. At Supersonic Towing we have years of experience helping motorcyclists recover and transport their prized bikes to repairs shops, garages and more. All motorcycle towing is carried out using flatbed tow trucks. This enables us to securely transport your bike without the risk of further damage. Our motorcycle towing in Berkeley CA is affordable with no hidden charges. We’ll quote a price at the very beginning and that’s the price you’ll pay.

Your Local Emergency Towing Solution 

As good a rider as you are you can never be sure when you might need to have your motorcycle towed. Here at Supersonic Towing, we’ve got you covered morning, noon and nights. As with all of our towing services, motorcycle towing is available 24/7. We’ll happily send a tow truck to you at any time of the day or night. What’s more, our tow trucks are available seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. Even if you find yourself stranded on Christmas Day or Thanksgiving, we’re right here, ready and waiting. By providing emergency motorcycle towing in Berkeley CA, Supersonic Towing is able to provide a valuable service to both residents and businesses across the region.

Dependable Towing as Standard

We realize that dependability is one of the most important attributes any company can have. We’re proud to provide a 100% dependable service. Not only are you assured of having your call answered, but you’ll also never have to worry about whether we’re going to turn up or not; we always do! You can forget waiting around to.  Wherever you are, we’ll be with you in a matter of minutes.

Supersonic Towing is licensed by the State of California! Depend on us to provide the quality towing service you’re looking for.

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