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Remote Gas Delivery Service in Berkeley, CA

Running out of gas is one of those things that you never really think about until after it just happened to you. And, although many people don’t believe it, it’s something that happens quite a lot to drivers.

If you stop to think about it, you’ll realize that it’s not that difficult to find yourself in this situation. It can happen to anyone, especially these days when we are all always so busy.

We found that many of our remote gas delivery customers had been planning to refuel, but something else stole their attention, they were too busy and maybe they passed the gas station without giving it a second thought. And sooner or later, they found themselves stuck without any gas and unable to make it to the next stop.

Luckily, there’s a super easy solution to this problem. If you ever find yourself out of gas while driving in Berkeley, Ca. and you’re not close enough to reach a gas station, all you have to do is call (510) 833-7350 and we will send out one of our technicians to your location. The technician will bring enough of the specific type of fuel that you need for your car to get you at least to the closest gas station.

When we receive your call we’ll ask what type of fuel, gas or diesel, your car uses and where you are located. We’ll bring the correct amount of fuel you need to get you to the closest gas station. Supersonic Towing’s technicians will refuel your vehicle for you, making sure that you are kept safe and clean the whole time.

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive from a motorcycle to an RV, or what type of fuel and how much fuel you need, our technicians will deliver it to you, wherever you are in the Berkeley area.

Just the knowledge that they will be taken care of if they ever run out of gas before they can make it to the next gas station gives some of our customers a feeling of stress-free freedom.

Our roadside safety tip: if you’re stuck out of gas on the roadside, give us a call and we’ll send someone to your location to refuel your car. If possible, carefully exit your car and wait in a safe spot near the roadside. If you’re on a busy road stay in the car and wait for our technician to arrive. Your safety is the most important thing in these situations.  Stay alert while you wait.

Supersonic Towing’s Roadside Services in Berkeley

Working 24/7 we are here when you need us most.

A fast and reliable local Berkeley company that provides service for all kinds of vehicles, from motorcycles to semis, at affordable prices, with no surprise fees.

Remote fuel delivery is just one of the many roadside assistance services that we provide in Berkeley, Ca.

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Call us Now for Remote Gas Delivery

Overwhelmed, busy, last-minute change of plans, stressed? All of these can cause you to forget things – and sometimes the thought that you need to refuel is soon be placed on the back burner while you’re busy putting out other fires….

Or maybe you didn’t forget, the problem could be with your car – the warning light is not working and you didn’t realize how long it has been since you last filled up.

Whatever the reason you’ve run out of gas, don’t stress it – just give Supersonic Towing a call, it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you’re in our area. We will get a technician to you as soon as possible and have your car refueled and ready to go in a jiffy.